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If you love eating crabs, this tool, Jaws for Claws, Crab Claw Cracker (Cutter) will cut  the claws & legs on Dungeness Crabs, Alaskan King Crabs , Snow Crabs  & Blue Crab Claws. This tool cuts the shell instead of crushing the shell in the meat.   This is an excellent tool to use. & its the only tool of its kind in the US. It will make eating crabs so much more enjoyable.  

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Crab Lovers--

   This is the Best Crab Claw & Leg Cutter on the Market for eating crabs!!

   Once you use this tool when eating crabs, You'll never want to eat crabs without it!

   So Next Time you're Eating, Blue Crabs, Dungeness Crabs, Alaskan King Crabs,  & Snow Crabs--

  Don't forget your JAWS for Claws !!!